Self Assessment Essay

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------------------------------------------------- MGT 312
Self-Assessment Report Cover Sheet

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AssessmentNo. | Assessment | Completed | 1 | How satisfied are you with your present job? Answer questions on p. 57 | | 2 | What is my Big 5
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1. What is the relative satisfaction among the aspects of recognition, compensation, and supervision? * The satisfactions between all three of these aspects are pretty similar. Whichever one an employee values the most will motivate him/her to continue performing well with the job they are in.

2. Which of these three aspects of satisfactions are most important to you? Explain. * Compensation is most important to me. If I perform well in my job I want to be rewarded by being well compensated by my superiors.

3. What can you do to increase your level of satisfaction? * I can increase my satisfaction by coming into work every day with a positive attitude and continue to work hard. If I do this I know good things will come such as being well compensated.

Self-Assessment 3.1: What Is My Big Five Personality Profile?

1. What are your reactions? Do you agree with the scores on your Big Five profile? * I am content with the results of my profile. I feel like my scores reflect who I am as a person.

2. Which dimensions are your highest? In which situations would this be most beneficial? * My highest dimension is emotional stability. This would be most beneficial in situations that could prove to be highly stressful.

3. Which one or two dimensions do you think are likely the best predictor of managerial success? Which is the least? Explain. * Being emotionally stable is one of the dimensions

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