Self Assessment Reflection: Self-Assessment Commection

Ko Ka Lo (54791070)
Self-Assessment Commentary of GE1401

Time flies fast, 3 months have elapsed since the first lesson of this course, University English. Before taking this course, some of my friends had told me that it is hard to get good grades in this course and they suggested me to take it latter. But after finishing it, I’m sure that I was right. Because what you can learn in this course, the basic academic essay writing skills, is what you will need in your entire university lives. Now, I have finished my first academic essay. And I’m happy that I can gain such much useful writing knowledges in this learning experience.

I still remember that in the 2nd lesson, we are asked by the tutor to finish a needs analysis, which is about
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This is the first time that I write in this way. Writing a piece of essay for a few weeks. What I did before is getting the topic and start writing. Finishing one piece of writing may only take a few hours of mine. But this time, we need to follow a few steps. Rereading and revising the essay over and over again. It may be inconvenient, but it can truly help you create a more effective argumentative essay. The approach separates the whole writing process into a few pieces, planning, drafting, developing, reviewing, revising, editing, and proofreading. So in each step, you can clearly know what you are going to do and 100% focus on that target. For example, in my past experience, planning part was always skipped. What I used to do is starting writing first, and keep thinking while writing. So the problem is that I cannot totally focus on how to make the essay be more persuasive. Because I always need to start thinking of the next argument point when I was writing the current one. But the process-writing approach forced me to separate planning part from writing, I need to plan the outline of the whole essay firstly and then start writing. So after planning, the only thing I need to do is focusing the paragraph I am writing but not thinking of the next argument point. So what process-writing helped us is letting us separate the whole writing process so that we be

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