Self- Assessment of Personality Essay

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Self- Assessment of Personality
Social Sciences Division

University of the Philippines
Cebu College
Lahug, Cebu City

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Social Sciences I

Submitted By:
Moca Charity P. Cañal

Submitted To:
Prof. Yuleta Orillo

March 23, 2012

Basing from the various theories and principles of the 8 psychologists being discussed, the following are my self – assessments:

Id, Ego, Superego three levels of depth a person has to know in order to determine one’s situatedness and beingness. In order to know better and to assess one’s self or to know who you really are, I believe that it should start from knowing the three you within one single body.
With Sigmund Freud’s
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In that way we could adjust and continue living. It is just a matter of making conflicts meet and when they do so, those conflicts will become an achievement in one’s life.
ALFRED ADLER Adler’s principle is on Superiority and Inferiority complex, and about the four types of people. Besides also of the concept on Fictional Finalism- being the perfect self you can be. Each person is striving hard in order to attain the supremacy status of their lives. Hoping that time will come that everyone would look up on you and that you will become the master of all things, becoming good in all aspects of life and all. Having the most treasured and expensive things in the whole wide world; wanting to make other people experience the hardships you have undergone before you reach where you are now. With Alfred’s four types of people I categorize myself as belonging to the Socially Useful type of person, because I value having control over others lives and strive to do good things for the sake of society. I like the feeling of taking care of others see them grow and follow my steps or maybe exceed my achievements, it is just that overwhelming.

ABRAHAM MASLOW Maslow’s theory of personality is based on Humanistic Psychology. It aims to examine what is really right with

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