Essay on Self And Self Determination Theory

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The meaning of self-realization expresses “a state at which our unconscious and conscious combine to form an integrated personality, a whole “self”. Whereas, self-determination describes a tendency toward growth and development that will lead to an individual’s full functioning. Both self-actualization and self-determination theories value an individual’s whole being operating in unity and harmony in order to fulfill their full human potential.
Both theories also seem to emphasize “self” as the primary agent of development. An integrated sense of self is motivated by a set of autonomous behaviors, which are important to full functioning. Self-determination focuses on three types of autonomous behaviors. They are motivated either intrinsically, extrinsically or are emotionally driven. Intrinsic motivations are pursued out of pleasure and not led by external rewards. You do what you love not because you are forced to do it but because you naturally want to do it. In self-actualization, this motivation is recognized as a fundamental quest, some sort of a platform from which the person can be all that he/she can be. On the same note, self-actualization is also stated as “to be enjoyed in its own right and offers intrinsic rewards; it is not pursued for relief …” (Ivtzan, 2013)
Extrinsically motivated behaviors are divided in four categories that can be more or less internalized: external, introjected, identified, and integrated regulation. The two latter ones are the most…

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