Jane Eyre Analysis

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Relationships are crucial to life. They influence and challenge you to become a better person. Some relationships are deep enough to create a change in personality too. In Bronte’s Jane Eyre, the relationship between Jane Eyre and Helen Burns at Lowood influences Jane’s lifelong decision to stay independent, which ultimately reveals that independence must be demonstrated to be learned. Helen Burns's reaction to her punishments, extensive knowledge, and view of religion influences Jane to stay independent.
Though there are many ways in which Helen influences Jane, her most important influences help Jane look beyond a situation to solve problems rather than externally (at others) like her childhood experiences have taught her. At a very young
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During her few months at Lowood, Jane becomes good friends with Helen and Miss Temple. The two of them help Jane grow into a more confident and brave woman. One of the many ways they influence her to become confident is through the appeal of knowledge. One day, in Miss Temple’s room, Helen and Miss Temple have a talk that enthralls Jane. Miss Temple and Helen talk about books and rare knowledge that most people in the world would not know about (Bronte 74). Jane is amazed by the amount of knowledge both Miss Temple and Helen possess. She has never seen anyone, particularly a woman, with this much knowledge. This knowledge gives Helen and Miss Temple more insight into life and its opportunities for improvement. Through this knowledge they also have more power, which gives them both, for the first time, an opportunity to stand level with men of lower knowledge. Ultimately, knowledge helps women get more influence and become independent from men. Helen’s demonstration of great knowledge eventually influences Jane to gain more knowledge and become a fairly independent governess. At Thornfield, where she works as a governess, she falls in love with her master, Mr. Rochester. But when it comes time to leave him, she finds a way to sustain herself without being dependent on Rochester like she was before: through teaching. (need to fix →) “She …show more content…
In the conversation between Helen and Miss Temple, Jane also notices another detail. Miss Temple also talk about forgotten knowledge from times past, its nations, and secrets (Bronte 74). This rare knowledge that Helen and Miss Temple possess gives them power over anyone who does not have that particular knowledge. For example, knowledge of other countries or secrets of nature gives them power to influence others, get money, or make better decisions than others. Helen, Jane’s role model, influences Jane to learn through the appeal of power and knowledge. This knowledge is especially life-changing for Jane, a woman. During this time period, women were at a great disadvantage. They were disrespected and underestimated. But “being the impeccable soul that she is, Jane makes lemons out of lemonade when forced to become an independent, penniless but educated young women in the world where women are treated as second class citizens—and are only as desirable as her dowry!!” (Barash). Even when faced with poverty, the power that Jane gained from her knowledge helped her stay independent. When she arrived at St. John’s home later in the story, it is only her education that helps her land a job in the town. This job helps her get enough money and housing to sustain herself. If she had had no education, she would have faced poverty alone independently or

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