Self Analysis : Self Assessments, Class Discussions, Assignments, And The Assigned Reading Materials

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Self-Analysis The first section of this paper will contain a self-analysis utilizing self-assessments, class discussions, assignments, and the assigned reading materials. The self-analysis portion of this paper will contain several important topics that we discussed during class along with my assessment of how I view myself with respect to these topics with the goal of identifying the deficiencies and gaps that I see. The action-plan portion of this assignment will contain the framework for turning the deficiencies that I have identified into strengths through constant practice and patience on my journey to level three leadership. The self-analysis portion will help to determine the “why” I did not get the manager position currently available at my company and the action-plan will provide a blueprint for me to follow to ensure future success.
Organizational Problem Recently, my direct manager for the last four years took another management position within the company. Her movement into another group within the company created a vacancy for the manager position and I jumped at the opportunity to fill the position. I took this opportunity to give my resume a much-needed upgrade. I acquired new software specifically created for resume building and used it to create a new upgraded resume that highlighted my newly acquired skills as well as relevant course work. Once I had everything in order, including a well-thought-out cover-letter, I applied for the manager…

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