Self Actualization Of A Gestalt Sense Of Self Essay

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Self actualization is the attainment of fulfillment of one’s own sense of being in a gestalt

manner of wholeness where experience, wisdom, freedom, and acceptance is realized within a

spiritual and material state of existence. Self actualization is not only the realization of one’s

purpose in life but the acceptance of their purpose and its betterment of mankind. According

to the article, actualization of human potential can be attained through unconditional positive

reinforcements. In the article, self actualization is analogous to the role of nature vs. nurture.

Humans are innately active with an inherent drive for organization and this action can be

realized to its full potential through societal nourishment and encouragement.

The ground basis for this concept is self determination theory, a theory that proposes that

self actualization is an innate drive with society providing the empirical nourishment. This inner

drive towards organization and refinement of a gestalt sense of self is known as organismic

integration. In my interpretation, we, as humans, integrate all of our experiences, knowledge,

and wisdom, to assist in attaining not only self realization and actualization but enlightenment as

well. When all of these aspects are integrated and purpose and self acceptance is realized,

we attain a subtle harmonious pastoral bliss or Eudaimonia.

The nurturing aspects of self realization are conceptualized when psychological needs are


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