Self-Actualization In 'For Colored Girls'

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Self-Actualization: For Colored Girls
“I found God in myself and I loved her, I loved her fiercely.” (Shange) For Colored Girls is based from a play with poems written by author Ntozake Shange called, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow isn’t Enuf, describing the life of eight women in New York who face tremendous crisis and heartbreaks. Each woman in this film represents a character/color and a poem from this play. From abuse, secret affairs and abortion, to deceit and adversity, this movie precisely enacts the various issues women face. In the end, despite their different situations, they all come together to support each other, bonded by their experiences. Self-Actualization
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Rose prepares for the abortion, dipping the tools in alcohol as she begins describing her life in Harlem. “…That world is something I used to live in that world, then I moved to Harlem, and my universe is now six blocks…” Nyla immediately goes blank while she’s talking and we are continuously drawn in by the extreme close-ups on Nyla’s face expressing fear when she instructs her to open her legs. The idea of self-actualization through the character Nyla’s is represented in this scene because she realizes she shouldn’t be in this situation and that there’s better for her. By the end of the film she is going to college to pursue her …show more content…
Her character has a passion for dance and is being pursued by a man she’s been talking to when she appears in the movie. After going on a date with this guy, he then infers that he come over and she cooks for him. She agrees and allows him to come over for dinner not knowing his motive for doing so. In this scene (53:31-57:46) she is taken advantage of and raped by this man. During this scene, there is continuity editing, as two shot are being combined to make this one scene. While she is being raped the scene switches back and forth to Jo and her husband Carl at an opera show and both scenes end at the same time. There is also a point where the camera is on the clock as she watches it while he’s raping her. This left her terrified, frightened every time she heard knocking or door bells. This scene is important for Yasmin’s character because it shows what she had to overcome to access self-actualization in the end. We know she’s overcame this, by her reaction to the news that the man who raped her was killed after attempting to rape another woman. She is quite relieved, as she agrees to the fact that he got what he

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