Senator Eliphas: A Short Story

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During the times of the Roman Empire, Selene had her eyes upon Senator Eliphas, whom was used by others to their own ends. She came before him, and offered him her assistance, as well as her love and immortality, if he helped her sacrifice the people of the country. That would give her the powers of a god if she was able to complete the ritual. But she was betrayed by someone whom she kept close to herself. The senator, told a slave girl whom he gave ruby earrings to what was about to happen. So, the authorities captured both of them, and sentenced them to death by burning at the stake. Although Selene managed to escape by turning the flames back on the people who were trying to kill her. She turned Eliphas into a vampire and took his life force from him, swearing she would never ever, see him again.

Selene created a paradise for herself and forced people to come to the colony, to worship her as the Dark Priestess. The colony itself is known as Nova Roma, which she made them believe that it was a colony of the ancient Romans that was the case until she was discovered by the new mutants. At the time she was caught she was trying to sacrifice Amarra Aquilla, the latter being a volcanic and revengeful mutant. They were very cautious about her, because they believed she was not
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She tried to join their inner circle, with some help from a worshipper Friedrich Von Roehm. She defeated Rachel Summers and Magma, and then offered the two of them to the club, she then was admitted to the club as the Black Queen. The two young mutants were rescued by the X-Men, but that did not matter to Selene as she had already been admitted. Sebastian Shaw was even frightened by Selene, although he allowed her to join the inner circle of the Hellfire club. At the same time though, Selene developed a rivalry with the Queen on the other side, Emma Frost who is also known as the white

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