Essay on Selective Breeding Is A Human Controlled Breeding Programme

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One of the ways humans are able to manipulate genetic transfer is through Selective breeding. Selective breeding is a human controlled breeding programme where specific plants or animals are chosen to be bred. they are chosen to produce offspring because they have particularly valuable features. They are bred in order to introduce the valuable features they have into their offspring. The aim of selective breeding is to produce offspring with specific characteristics.

Selective breeding is the process where we choose the characteristics we want in an animal, we then breed a male with a female which has the desirable trait that we would like to breed, from the offspring produced we choose those that show the characteristic the most and breed them together. This process is repeated over many generations, each time selecting and breeding together those animals that have the characteristics we are looking for. Over a large number of generations, this can produce some surprising results.

One of the techniques that is used in selective breeding is Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) which is a process whereby a marker is used for indirect selection of a genetic determinant of a trait of interest e.g productivity, disease resistance. MAS can be useful for traits that are difficult to measure, exhibit low heritability or are expressed late in development. The steps for MAS is very similar to the process of selective breeding it is just a little more time consuming. MAS is an…

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