Selection Tools Essay

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Selection Tools
Shannon Lawson
December 04, 2011
Tony Risner

Selection Tools
Selection of candidates for employment in an organization is a critical practice for the Human Resource Management. If they make a poor decision, they might end up with underperforming employees, which is the reason proper and effective tools should be applied when selecting candidates for any job in any organization.
When hiring employees for a job in the supermarket, the three selection tools the Human Resource Management should use are:
1. An application request 2. Carrying out an interview
3. Giving references These three tools are vital and important for the selection of an employee for a supermarket because they give
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If a person only puts down one reference, they are either hiding some information about their previous work or may not have had more than one job in the past.

ADVANTAGES OF THE SELECTED TOOLS The application will provide important information and will allow Human Resource Management to know whether the candidate is able to fluently read and understand English. Working in a supermarket means you will be communicating with many people and being able to understand what a customer is saying is very important. If the candidate can easily fill out the application, this assures that the candidate is qualified to handle working in a supermarket. Carrying out an interview is crucial. The interview process is a significant aspect in the selection of possible employees for the job. Carrying out an interview gives the opportunity of meeting the candidates and gives the chance to talk to them and get a personal impression of the person applying for the position. The interview process gives the opportunity to ask particular questions that were not answered on the application. The interview process give the opportunity to see how the candidate present him/herself, how the person is groomed, and how they feel about the particular job they are applying for

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