Selection Tools for Hiring Essay

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Selection Tools for Hiring
HRM 240
January 20, 2008 Executive Summary
This paper will review and outline the selection tools for a hiring program to hire a project manager for our firm. The selection process that businesses go through is probably one of the most important steps to ensure that the right people are placed in the right job that best utilizes there skill sets for a particular job. Getting the best individuals for the job will help ensure the business has the best chance for success opposed to spending time and resources fixing problems with individuals that make have not been the best fit for a position. Better selections research and planning will contribute to the organization with better performing employees and
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Project Manager Interview Process
For the project manager interview we should first utilize the online application databases to ensure we were getting the best pool of candidates that provide the best skill matches and diversity for the position.
Next we would need the selected applicants to participate in testing to measure their knowledge, skills, and ability for the position and assess the results. In addition this test would need to also cover the honesty and integrity of the individuals considers this is a project manager position.
The interview process would need to be a structured interview. Statistically the structured styled interviews prove to be the most beneficial to making the decision on which candidate is best for the job. A report by the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board reported that structured interviews were twice as likely as nondirect interviews for predicting on the job performance (Bohlander/Snell, 2007). In addition the interview process needs to be conducted in a team effort.
The plan would be as follows:
 Completion of online application
 HR screening
 Testing
 Background check
 HR identifies final selections
 Interview with management team
 Offer
Suggestions for Interview Questions
First identifying the criteria for the position that will lead to an effective selection interviewing process for the team to follow is the first step. In doing this utilizing the structural style interview will help insure that

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