Selection Criteria for Selecting a B School Essay

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Research Proposal On:

“Choice criteria for selecting B-Schools by prospective students for Full Time course in India”

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This high speed growth of the Indian economy has resulted in the creation of thousands of enterprises catering to the diverse needs that such a country demands. With this comes the attendant need for high quality trained manpower to manage and operate such large corporations. It is this factor that has resulted in a great demand for "Management Graduates". Based on the assessments of various HR managers(Report of the Working Group on Management Education in India), there will be a need to raise the current level of 100,000 managers to about 300,000 a year over the next 10-15 years, to be able to achieve the growth targets.
The number of business schools has more than tripled in the last fifteen years. There has already been discrimination in the quality of institutions and graduates in the market, which is expected to intensify in future.
Thus, choosing a B school and evaluating the criteria for choosing a B school are immensely vital, for prospective students and institutes providing management education.

This research project studies the choice criteria of prospective students for selecting a B-School for full time course. The rationale behind this research project is to identify the factors that create differentiation for B-schools in the perception of prospective students, and how these can be used by the management institutes for

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