Selecting A Mate : An African American Woman Who Owns A Business

719 Words Oct 25th, 2015 3 Pages
In the past, forming a relationship and family with another person revolved around economic and class status reasons, rather than love and emotions, as we see in today’s society. Today, selecting a mate is the duty of the individual who is seeking the relationship, rather than the duty of his/her parents or other authority figures in her community. These changes make forming a relationship with someone of a different social class and/or ethnic background than yourself more common in today’s society. My assigned partner for this course is an African American woman who owns a business. I am an unemployed, full-time, international college student, and thus, it is reasonable to assume that my partner and I not only belong to different ethnic backgrounds, but also different social classes. The shift in societal norms which emphasize the importance of love when selecting a mate may make choosing my assigned partner more likely in reality, but my heterosexual orientation makes this pairing unlikely. Forming a family with my partner would be challenging, as same-sex couples are not capable of procreating via sex as many heterosexual couples do. Our ability to form a family will be also be influenced by the available options for same-sex couples to have children. In this essay, I will argue the obstacles which my partner and I will face when attempting to form a family, as well as the unlikelihood of this family actually forming. I have always self-identified as a heterosexual…

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