Essay about Sel-Discovery Through the Art of Listening

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Self-Discovery thru the Art of Listening: An Annotated Bibliography
Diane Jones
Saint Petersburg College

INTRODUCTION The resources listed in this annotated bibliography are intended to bring to light the importance of listening, in our professional lives as well as in our personal lives. The focus is learning to listen and the importance of being a good listener. Whether in a business relationship or a personal relationship, communication is the key --- forty-five percent of which is listening. Having good listening skills can lead to career advancement. For instance, a manager needs to have the ability to listen nonjudgmentally for valid information and to understand others point of view in order to make managerial decisions.
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Beard describes listening as “a moment of silence that makes possible the constitution of the self.” Listening is a dynamic part of the communication process which involves much more than just receiving a message. He states that listening practices begin with silence, without interruption, objecting, or giving opinion. It is a time to absorb what we are hearing and then pausing to reflect on the knowledge we have just received. Since 45% of our time communicating is spent listening, Beard describes five choices we can make to be better engaged in the listening practice to become more ethical beings.
Brunner, B.R. (2008). Listening, Communication & Trust: Practitioners’ Perspectives of Business/Organizational Relationships. International Journal of Listening, 22(1), 73-82. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. This article discusses how communication and listening have a role in building and maintaining relationships, more specifically, a business/organizational relationship. The researcher gathered information by asking public relations and communication employees and managers questions concerning what makes for successful business relationships. He found that respondents were not always comfortable defining the term relationship but rather summed up their thoughts with statements such as “it’s everything you do in business.” However, the majority listed elements they felt were necessary for a relationship; such as, “shared decision making,”

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