Seikan Tunnel Research Paper

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The Japanese company manufactured the longest bra in September, 1990. The bra has an under-burst measurement of 24m (78ft 8 in) and 28m (91ft 10in) for its bust measurement.

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The Seikan Tunnel (as shown above) between Japan’s Honshu and Hokkaido Islands is currently considered as the world’s longest tunnel with its measurement of 53, 850m in length. However, by 2010, with the opening of the tunnel called Gotthard Base in Switzerland, Seikan Tunnel will be placed the second as it is 3,222m shorter than the Gotthard Base (57,072m).

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Canada has the longest coastline measured 152,100 miles in length. In contrary to Canada, the Monaco has the shortest coastline (3.5miles).

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The Araguari Pororoca in Amazon generates the longest wave on earth. Its tidal bore generates wave up to a maximum of 12ft high that lasts for over half an hour. Nevertheless, surfing through this world’s longest wave is risky, frightening and dangerous. The Tupi-Guarani Indians themselves have once expressed their fear by calling it “poroc poroc”, or in English translates as “great destructive noise”. It is recorded that this wave is powerful enough to tear off the entire trees from the river bank, local houses and even it can destroy living things on earth. The wave can be heard 30
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He is currently considered as the man with the longest moustacle in the world. In Turkey, the moustache symbolises one’s personality as its saying goes, “You can always tell a man’s connection with its moustache.”

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This is a python found living in a tourism park in central Java which was the longest and heaviest snake ever capture in Indonesia in 2004. Its weight was 447kg while its length was 14.85m. More details on long snake, please read

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