Segregation Essay Conclusion

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“Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children,” said Martin Luther King Jr (“The 15 best quotes from Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech”). Segregation has been a huge problem since the beginning of our existence as a country. Segregation is the action of being set apart from others, or the separation of a specific racial, religious, or any other part of society mostly associated with force. It started way back in the beginning of the 17th century when the United States were introduced to slaves. The “so called” government at the time feared that having African American slaves and freed African Americans mixed together would cause an uproar. They thought it would lead to a rebellion, and the African Americans …show more content…
Because of the legalized segregation, The “Jim Crow Laws” were passed in the south. This made the south really happy because this insured that the African Americans would always be second class citizens. Because the “Jim Crow Laws” were passed, Black and white people had separate schools, bathrooms, restaurants, hotel entrances, and drinking fountains (“Historical background”). Marriage between blacks and whites were even illegal. It was also illegal for a white nurse to treat a black person, and the kids could not play games together or hold hands. A new law was passed that black people could not live in the same neighborhood as a white person. If Black people were to get too close to a white person’s land, their houses would get bombed. There was a clear sign of inequality between the whites and blacks. For instance, a black person would not be able to shake a white person 's hand. A black person would call a white person Mr, Mrs, or Ms, but a white person would call a black person by girl or boy whether they were an a adult or a child (“Historical background”). Black people were not aloud to try on clothes or shoes before they bought the item because white people are not aloud to touch black people (“Historical background”). By the 1900s, southern states had created a segregated society that forced black people to become like property (“Separate is not equal”). Many southern states went to the extreme for segregation (“Segregation”). In 1914, Louisiana required separate entrances for white and black people. In 1915, Oklahoma segregated telephone booths. Arkansas made it illegal for a black person to go to a white person race track. Texas also made it illegal for a white person to box a black person. Kentucky required segregated schools, and a black person’s textbook could not be refurbished in any way. In Georgia, Black priest were not allowed to marry a white couple

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