The Importance Of Segregation In Schools

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1. Nikole Hannah – Jones does make a compelling argument that integration is the solution. I would have to agree with Nikole that integration would aid in reducing racism from schools. When you consider an integrated school, students do not really think about what skin color everyone is. Therefore, if you integrate a school the students become more accustom to different races and it eventually becomes the new norm. Another factor that could contribute to a solution towards segregated schools is to end ignorance. Someone that is ignorant towards other races most of the time is not use to it. Meaning, if your able to make someone who is ignorant towards Blacks become more aware of them or, even socialize with them more this could be a contribution …show more content…
I would argue that racism is still at the core of the issue of school segregation at this time. I believe this because at the time of forming segregation within schools the government did a great deal of work into the enforcement. By attempting segregation among the nation not only was the schools segregated, but the housing authority made the neighborhoods segregated for decades.4 Yet, when segregation in schools was deemed unconstitutional in the Supreme Court the government did not put as much work into integrating as they did segregating. Meaning, the term segregation is still echoing throughout schools is because the undedicated government has yet to put in the great efforts to make integration as big as segregation once was. Because of the lack of effort towards integration among the government there are still schools today in America that are greatly segregated. Because of segregation still in existence, numerous Black-Americans are not receiving a sufficient education due to low budgets given to the schools and undedicated facility. Several people in the state of Minnesota agree with Nikole, that integration is the solution. Minnesota is currently spending over seventy-five billion a year towards the movement of integration and reducing the achievement gap among races.5 Consequently, I’m stating that I do believe racism is a cause of school segregation now because it is currently such a big issue that many people are fighting to stop. Therefore, I believe if integration grows to be such a major push as segregation was we would officially cease racism among our schools

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