Essay about Segmenting & Targeting Electric Car Market

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The electric car or e-Car is a vehicle propelled by an electric motor instead of fuel. Car manufacturers are exploring the possibility of entering the market with the e-Car as a alternative to current vehicles in order to be environmentally friendly and to minimize the consumption of gasoline. Although, the benefits of using the e-Car could exceed expectations it also presents a different type of lifestyle for those who are used to regular vehicles. According to the “New York Times” the e-Car is getting worldwide interest with some governments such as China and the United States even offering tax credits and discounts for those who buy an e-Car. On the other hand, consumers are concerned on whether the speed and battery
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Also, to see if the subjects will choose to do what is right instead of what will be economically beneficial, this part of the segmentation will be where choosing preserving the environment over traveling speed will play a major role. Additionally, compatibility to each of the subject’s lifestyle which will answer the question, is the eCar good for everyone? Or will the eCar fit the appealing criteria to the different subjects? It is very important to find out if the person who goes to school, work and run errands everyday will benefit from having the eCar and if it is a good fit to his or her lifestyle.
3. A well-developed marketing campaign does not only connect you with the right estimates, but it gets people talking about your company, product, or your service. Although marketing mistakes can just as easily cause your business more harm than good.
One of the biggest mistakes than can be made in the electric car’s marketing is the lack of research and testing. Research and testing should define the performance of every marketing effort. It takes the guesswork out of what any potential consumer wants. We wouldn’t want to advertise that our car can go for 150 miles in one charge when in fact that number is closer to 100.
Another major marketing mistake is thinking that the customers only care about getting the lowest price. Consumers care about getting the best value for their money, they want to feel comfortable with their purchase, and

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