Seeking Asylum Essay

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Seeking Asylum: The Buffalo State Hospital

In American architecture, one thing rang true: America borrowed from the greatest countries and empires. Throughout much of the early years of the United States, there was not a singular distinct type of architecture, both in the domestic and public sectors. Borrowing from well-established counties became a second nature. Hunting and pecking through thousands of years of pre designed architecture helped American architects, like Henry Hobson Richardson, grab the best of the best and led them to create marvelous masterpieces. From Greek and Roman flares to the beauty of Queen Anne and Federal style, American architects have waded through them all.
By doing so, elaborate and attractive
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Furthermore, he found employment in an architectural firm in France, as a draftsman. This helped to hone his new learned talents and show him what the business was like. He entered into the Architecture school in the Fall of 1860, but due to the Civil War back in the States, Richardson had to withdrawal and return to the United States in the Fall of 1865. Despite the short time he had at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, he seemed to have learned a great deal and continued his career in architecture.
Richardson took up residency in New York City and opened up his own small architecture firm in the Spring of 1866. This started his fast track to fame in the United States. At the start of 1867, Richardson finally married his long-time girlfriend whom he met at Harvard, Julia Gornham Hayden, and together had six children. His early career was not that distinguishable from other architects. During this time, most American buildings and homes had influences from England and France with some buildings, especially churches, having a Victorian convection to the design. Moving into the 1870s, Richardson’s designs began to take an original twist. Instead of trying to push out the ideas of English and French designs in American architecture, he embraced it, along with other influences.
Henry Richardson’s original technique was called Richardsonian Romanesque. Named such due to its style of Romanesque Revival

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