Seeing Through Another 's Eyes : A Perceptual Miscommunication Error

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Seeing Through Another 's Eyes: A Perceptual Miscommunication Error

Description of the Interaction APPROX.300 words My miscommunication experience derives from a time I was serving customers in the high-end jewellery shop I work in. The shop is located in Auckland city centre, and its main publics are females, aged 20+ who work or live in and around the High Street. As all the employees are commission paid, we often need to pick between the customers, choosing ones to interact with which seem like they will make a purchase. The incentive behind receiving commission-based pay is the more I am able to sell, the more income I will receive.

Once when I was working sole-charge of the store, a young boy (about 12 years-old) entered the shop leaving the girl; he was holding hands with waiting outside. He entered at the same time as an older lady. I greeted both customers, as per usual. I then decided to focus mainly on the older lady and approached her first. The older lady tried on an array of jewellery, but did not find anything to suit her needs. The younger boy approached me with a shy standoffish manner, and asked for service- which I reluctantly gave as I assumed he was not going to buy anything. After helping him, he kindly thanked me for my help. He then approached the counter and preceded to buy one of the most expensive gold necklaces for the girl, which he later told me was his girlfriend.


Perception is a fundamental proccess that governs how…

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