Security Systems And The Security System Essay

956 Words Nov 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyday there are billions of conversations, billions of bytes of data being shared, billions of new files being created, and billions of computer processes running simultaneously. In between all those interactions exists the possibility of theft, fraud and espionage, all of which could be impossible to detect. While there are ways to prevent all possibilities of security breaches, none of those options are viable for organizations which rely heavily on being connected to various networks and having data continuously transferred throughout cyberspace. Instead, organizations focus on creating security systems that identify and contain breaches, still allowing for connectivity to the web. However, regardless of the complexity of a security system, there is always a slight degree of uncertainty pertaining to the protection against threats. For this reason, risk is assumed in virtually all security plans and policies, leading to a greater emphasis on risk management compared to threat prevention. By dedicating proper resources to risk analysis and management, organizations can efficiently control and manage risk, establishing a healthy security position against various threats. The first step in establishing a security plan involves understanding an organization’s current security state, including all their physical and digital assets and any policies and procedures currently in effect. In Humphreys’s (2010) “Information Security Risk Management,” he claims that for a risk…

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