Security Service Services : Valor Force Offers Custom Security Services

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Security Services
Valor Force offers custom security services to meet your needs. We offer service 24/7. Please note, some services offer overlapping duties, which may not be noted in the following brief summary. Our services include:
Armed Security Officers
Our Armed Security Officers are selectively chosen to ensure only the most experienced and highly qualified are assigned to our clients requiring armed security services. In addition to comprehensive pre-employment investigation, drug testing and background checks, our armed security officers undergo thorough screening and training processes based on customer requirements.
We require high standards of our employees, and for this reason, we employ former military personnel, and law enforcement to staff our armed security officers. You can rely on the honesty, integrity and dedication of our officers, and the effective security services they provide. Furthermore, our officers receive routine firearms practice, and testing to ensure proficiency.
Our armed officers are professionally trained to effectively manage risk factors, diffuse aggressive behavior, how to approach suspicious persons, and diffuse potentially volatile situations. In addition, a Valor Force armed security officer is trained, and experienced in the approach of suspicious vehicles, clearing of buildings, rooms and stairwells, to name a few.
The following are a few examples of duties our armed officers provide:
• Monitoring entrances and exits, and acts…

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