Essay about Security Risks Involved With Passwords

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Password security is a very important topic with many counterparts. It is important to know the security risks involved with passwords. Complex passwords have become very popular for businesses in order to log into your office computer. Often times you are required to change that complex password on a regular basis as well, which can make remembering the password extremely difficult and will often times cause the user to write it down or store it somewhere. Often times employees may share their passwords with a co-worker and this can be for a logical reason should anyone need to access that information if the person is out sick. Another issue may be using the same password for multiple accounts. There are also security risks if entering your password in public areas. While the site you are accessing is secure, the network you are using is public. Although passwords seem like a secure issue, they can also easily cause security breaches if users are unaware of potential risks.
Complex Passwords
Complex passwords seem to be required now nearly everywhere to help keep information secure. So what exactly is a complex password? Complex passwords are there to stump both humans and computer programs, prevent unauthorized access to data and they usually have specific requirement. When picking this password, it is extremely important to choose a strong password versus a weak one. A weak password is one the can be easily guessed and/or contain personal information. Picking…

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