Security Policies Of A Multi International Corporation Essay examples

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I have just been hired as an information security engineer for this large, multi-international corporation. Unfortunately, the company has suffered multiple security breaches that have threatened customers’ trust in the fact that their confidential data and financial assets are private and secured. Credit card information was compromised by an attack that infiltrated the network through a vulnerable wireless connection within the organization. The other breach was an inside job where personal data was stolen because of weak access control policies within the organization that allowed an unauthorized individual access to vulnerable data. The job is to develop a risk management policy that addresses the two security breaches and how to mitigate these risks.
Security Policy
Why do we need security policies? Well, we can start by explaining what are they. Security policies are statements usually created by organizations’ management with the purpose of preventing particular issues. These policies show the security means and the organizations’ security goals, with this being said, we need security policies to stablish what is and what is not accepted within the organization security norms Policies are also used to try to preserve the integrity of a network system.
Our wireless network connection has been compromised and that is why we need to have a new security policy. The purpose of this is to try to address some issues we have had before to avoid any future infiltrated…

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