Security Patterns And Comparative Security Essay

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Problem analysis


For quite a while, information on its own was not viewed as an important asset for an organization. The process for the management of information was rather viewed as an individual affair and not an extensive and globally accepted worldwide coordination process. Today it is generally perceived that understanding information systems is crucial for managers since organizations need information systems in order to be more successful. A lot of organizations recognize the prospective value of information and the awareness of the costs connected with the acquisition, storage and processing of the information (Detlor, 2010). Rhee et. al (2012, p. 221) states that, “previous studies repeatedly expose low levels of managerial awareness and commitment, a key obstacle to achieving a good information security stance”.


The growing number of security patterns and comparative security designs emerging in literature with various names makes it important to create classifications of security patterns. An arrangement sorts out patterns into collections of patterns that possess one or similar properties or a specific reason. (Guan et. al, 2016) Security patterns are architectural patterns which are designed to build secure systems which can resist attacks from intruders. An organization needs to protect its assets by defining security policies usually high level rules which indicate how the system can be secured (Fernandez et al,…

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