Security Opportunity Commission By Muslims Essay

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Before September 11th of 2001, Muslims were rarely spoken ill of. Since then, a large portion of the United States has developed hatred toward countries that have a majority of Muslim inhabitants, and people that practices the religion. Only 27 percent of Americans today have a favorable view of Muslim Americans, and only 60 percent of Americans do not even know a Muslim. Americans negative views on Muslims cannot be justified, but does make sense considering that if you constantly see news stories that only present Muslims in a negative way, and you do not have any personal connection with someone to give you an alternate view, you could fall into the media’s trap. Airport security in the United States has become extremely strict with particular discrimination towards Muslims, but this does not just happen in airports. Over 20 percent of employment discrimination claims have been filed to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by Muslims in America. The majority of the reason that all of this discrimination occurs continuously goes back to our media coverage. On the news we constantly see and hear about Muslim bombings, the kidnapping of schoolgirls, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which are all extremists or radical movements. United States media finds a way to make the negative aspects of small groups within the large number of Muslims in the world, represent every Muslim. When do we hear about the positive things that Muslims do? Since the…

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