Essay on Security Management in Noi Bai Airport

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I. Overview of Air Cargo Security Management
1. General Air Cargo Security Situation
Today, aviation is one of the world’s most important business. The growth of the industry over the past decades has made it one of the biggest contributor to the expansion of global economy. Therefore, an emphasis on airline security is undoubtedly important.
Logistics security is not only contingent on safe passage and avoidance of hazards, but also assurance that goods have not been tampered with and kept secure.
There are several security threats such as Terrorism, Organised Crime and Cargo Theft, Hijacking and Piracy, Drug/human smuggling, Illegal weapons, Counterfeit goods, Illegal exports of licensed materials/technology
For instance,
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- Security training:
One effort to address this is an innovative training course provided by the Singapore Air Transport Services (SATS). A joint effort between the Singapore government and SATS, the program brings promotable middle and senior managers to Singapore for 2 weeks of intensive security training. The critical component of this program is the recognition that there must be a balance between technical and human solutions to security. Lots of the developing countries cannot afford the widespread use of technology, low-cost labour is an alternative.
The security training should include the issues like the trends in transnational threats and how they will impact its operations, threats and risks calculation, terrorist operations, etc
- Application of Security Standards:
Security Standards (cargo screening, document security, and other in-flight issues) should be established internationally or particularly in each country.
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Assocatiation (IATA) should establish a joint intelligence and security center, which can leverage the security efforts of both organizations.

II. Infrastructure in Noi Bai Airport - Vietnam
1. The airport infrastructure
Noi Bai International Airport, the biggest airport in northern Vietnam, is located

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