Security Cameras in the U.S. Essay example

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Alec Simmons
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English 11

If more surveillance was added to society it is believed that it would make the community safer and very beneficial. Automated cameras are the hot new law enforcement tool. Cities use them to catch red light runners and speeders. Washington is setting up hundreds of cameras to monitor streets, federal buildings, subway stations, and other locations. Cameras are not cause for concern, then, when it comes to individual privacy, fairness, or accuracy; the real issue is government power. Cameras are a tool that can be used for good reasons that include watching children in school, decrease the amount of crimes committed, and help the government. Schools have somewhat started to add
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Many such thefts take place in locker rooms; though cameras are barred from locker rooms and bathrooms schools plan on placing them outside the locker rooms. A question might be asked like, “How do you find out who did the crime if you can’t see it?” Schools know who the trouble-making kids are and can conclude who did it by profiling. The cameras would also be used to investigate fights. A scuffle between two kids in a hallway, which once would have been solved with detention or suspension, could now been seen as criminal activity. Another way surveillance help schools is with watching over teacher abuse. There have been hundreds of cases in which a teacher has abused a child in both a harmful and sexual ways. These cases would mostly be brought to an end and monitored closely to ensure these events do not occur.

It is believed that if more cameras were put into our society crime rates would greatly decrease. With reduced crime, we could expect a significant reduction in police work. Beyond a fast acting force that needs to watch over the community, there would be no need to keep a large police force on hand. And there would also be no need for them to enjoy the special rights they do today. Police officers can, on suspicion, detain you, search you, interrogate you, and sometimes enter your home. They can also arrest you on suspicion of ‘crimes’ such as ‘loitering with intent’. Our present police force is given these powers because it needs to be able to

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