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Internet Security Breaches
February 8

This report about the five most significant security breaches of the past six months ago.
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Introduction 3
Cyber Fraud 3-5
Data breaches 5-7
Network intrusion/ Hacking 7-10
Launching worms 10-11
Cyber bullying 11-12
Category of internet security Breaches 12
Reference 13

The world has been undergoing persistent transformation which some have been attributed to the changing developments in science and technology. In particular, information and communication technology is one of the most celebrated developments. Indeed, information technology has changed the lives of people
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Online transaction service providers have only resorted to instilling confidence in the customers as a way of encouraging them. This entails displaying policies, security badges and trust certificates, as well as the contact information. Online retailers should highlight security around the websites’ secured areas to assure customers that their confidential information is safe. This should be done, regardless of whether some browsers have security indicators built in them. Some online retailing companies, such as Amazon, display this through the use of the sign-in button. Others opt to use padlock symbols that are located in the sign-in areas.
This is advisable, even when it is not needed by the customers. Online retailing companies are advised to give alternative contact options. Indeed, some companies are offering customer care support by using call backs, e-mails, and chats to enable users report suspicious activities.
Data breaches
Data breaches includeall those cyber activities characterized by unauthorized access, use and disclosure of individuals’ or organization information over or from the internet. Malicious attacks are considered to constitute the most expensive data breach, yet they are increasing. Malicious attacks account for as significant as 40% of the data breaches where negligence account for about 32% (In Defense of Data, 2013)Computer software companies, healthcare records and companies have been the most targeted and have

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