Four Attachment Styles

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In this essay I will be describing the four types if attachment styles that are Secure, Ambivalent, Avoidant and Disorganize Attachment. These are also based on the caregiver and ta child. I will also identify an attachment in my childhood while growing up and how it now is develop an adult. Description of Four Attachment Styles Secure attachment is a relationship that is built with the caregiver and the infant. This attachment is developing by the moment of life that is gain different emotions from both persons the caregiver and the infant. They feel the bonding’s that are emotions, attention and protection during the relationship (Divecha, 2017). When the parent is distance from their child, and does not express sensitive emotion …show more content…
Even though I had both parents in my life my mother was and still is that person that does not want to open up her feeling to us. For my understanding on the different patterns of attachment I can I identify my relationship with my mother as an Ambivalent attachment. I guess my mom is the person she is because she grew up with the attachment with her family and mother. I can’t remember a time when my mom express her love to me, or maybe she did but in her own way. My mother will try to please us when we will ask for stuff for example material things that most children’s and also teenagers won’t mind getting from their parents. I don’t consider that I was spoiled either, we are a family of five siblings including me. But when you grow up you start to realize how imports is having a mother’s advice and affection. I do love my mother but sometimes I wish she should give me affection and a kiss in the cheek or a I love you. Till this day is still weird for my mom when I try hug her in birthdays, special holiday and mother’s day. Reflection on Adult Current Attachment Style I give my children the love and affection that I never had from my mom. I have a really beautiful connection with my children’s, they can express their feelings and trust me like the same way I do with them. We have a secure attachment and a process because they still need to grow up and I will be there to support them in the different stages of their lives.
Implications of attachment style for Engagement and

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