Secularism And Its Views On Philosophy Essay

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So you asked how Marxism and Secularism differs in their views on philosophy. To recap, Secularist believe that only the material world exists and naturalism, which is the belief that everything that happens can be explained in terms of natural causes. The metaphysics (the study of ultimate reality) of Secularism is the world was created without purpose and that is all that exists. Most of the time, Secularists try to avoid the question of how the universe came to be because they believe there is no explanation. Funny enough, they believe in the Big Bang Theory. The epistemology (the study of knowledge) of Secularism is the scientific method is the key to all knowledge. Since science means everything, the immaterial and supernatural cannot be known. In my textbook, they “assume because of the scientific method only natural things in the material universe can be known” (Myers and Noebel 203). The mind/body problem is Secularism is humans are nothing but matter. The mind is just a strictly physical phenomenon and can explain only things in physical terms through evolution. For example, smoke can explained by fire because of physical terms. The implications of Secularism, due to their lack of belief in the supernatural, are humans control their own fate, there is no purpose beyond what we can see and measure, and there is no hope beyond what we can accomplish in this life. They believe in the here and now and all that exists is life on earth and nothing more.
“Only the…

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