Secret Writing, Codes, And Ciphers Essay

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There are a lot of secrets of the world that people do not know of. Because of war and enemies, there has always been a need to communicate with allies in secret. The usage of secret messages has helped militaries transport messages that are unknown to their enemies. Now in today’s world the military is not the only people who used secret messages, to send to one another, and it has become more common to use secret code, to ensure only certain people know something. Secret messages can be created by using secret writing, codes, and ciphers. Secreting writing is any way of written communication, used in order to disguise written text. Now sometimes ciphers and codes are mistaken for the definition of secret writing, but they hide the meaning of the message, while secret writing masks the actual message. Examples of secret writing would be carbon copies and invisible ink. The usage of secret writing has declined in today’s modern world, but ciphers and codes are still widely used throughout the world.
The purpose of these devices are to send messages from one group to another without it being detected. Now originally the military used this codes to send secret messages without their enemies being able to detect the message, but in today’s society the military is not the only people who use this method. Many companies and businesses use this same method, in order for their competition to be unaware of what they are saying. To the average person ciphers and codes may seem…

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