Secret Daughter By Shilpi Somaya Gowda Essay

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The novel Secret Daughter, written by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, is a story about family relationships and the way in which each member’s choice impacts how the family lives. The novel is set in two locations, India and America, and focuses on the Thakkar family and the Merchant family over the years of 1984 to 2009. The three protagonists are Kavita Thakkar, Somer Merchant, and Asha Merchant. These three women make decisions that influence the family member’s actions and behaviour over time. Within each relationship, both families have challenges they must overcome; for example, identity confusion, motherhood, and feminism. Even though the Thakkar family and the Merchant 's family face many conflicts within the novel, the main conflict centers on Asha, an adopted Indian girl by an American family; she becomes an addition to the family, the Merchants, and the subtraction from the Thakkar family. Being in a family is an important aspect for all types of households for personal and social well being, the choices made in life reveals how families will determine the path given towards the future, shown in the Merchant and Thakkar family.
In the Thakkar 's family, there is an expected role the members of the family need to play. By weighing their costs and benefits, the family will try to maximize the benefits they will receive and minimize the cost to themselves. The protagonist, Kavita, put her daughter up for adoption in secret from her husband and the rest of the family: “Daiji,…

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