Secondhand Smoking Essay

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Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous for your body, but it’s also harmful for non-smoker being exposed to these harsh chemicals. People who are exposed to smoke are more likely to have lung diseases, cancer, and many more health problems. In the fact sheet it’s reported that “Since 1964, approximately 2,500,000 nonsmokers have died from health problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke.” Secondhand smoking is dangerous for adults but more so for children because their lungs are still developing. We’ve all learned that secondhand smoke can cause health risks for children. says, “Infants who die from SIDS tend to have higher concentrations of nicotine in their lungs than do control children, regardless of whether …show more content…
This advertisement gives potential mothers insight to what could happen to their child if they choose to smoke while pregnant. This real life story is to steer woman not to make the same mistakes as Amanda. It sends a strong message to woman, who is thinking about smoking while being pregnant. In the commercial Amanda shares a couple of picture of her daughter in the incubator and her sitting next to the opening. The picture of her daughter you can clearly see the feeding tube through her nose and how tiny the baby was. Logos is proven by these photographic images that allows the audience to see what is was like for her. Not being able to touch your new born baby is a painful experience. The CDC also shot the commercial in a hospital scene to give the viewer’s more insight to where Amanda spent most of her time after giving birth. These pictures and the location of the commercial really gave it a mixture of pathos the emotional connection and logos the proof and evidence of her story. She opens up her story to the world in hopes for more women to quit smoke while pregnant. No mother and child should go through what they went through. The CDC did not stop with the one commercial they actually had a couple more video interview with Amanda to better understand her addiction. Ethos is displayed by her upbringing of smokers in her family. Her grandfather and father both smoked and her grandfather passed away due to lung cancer from smoking. Her father who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancers at the time of her interview. She expresses about the first time she smoked was when she was only eleven years old. Everyone around her smoked and made her feel that she had to smoke to fit in. Just like many stories of young teens start smoking because they thought it was cool. This awareness is a connection to ethos of

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