Essay about Secondary Traum A Stressful Experience For All Teens

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Secondary trauma is something that affects all people at sometime in their life. Going through life is hard enough but having other peoples lives effect your own life can be extremely challenging for teenagers growing up. Depression and Suicidal behavior/ideation has increased over the years in America causing secondary trauma to be more prevalent in teenager’s lives. The affects secondary trauma can have on a teenager’s life could be severe and even cost the individual their life. A case study about a teenage boy name Jonathan will discuss the threats that teenager’s experience who are affected by secondary trauma.
Secondary Trauma associated with Adolescents
Adolescence is a stressful experience for all teens. It is a time of physical and social change in a teenager’s life. During adolescence, deep meaningful relationships are created in which teenager’s begin to share feelings and emotions with one another. Through these relationships, teenagers are at risk for experiencing secondary trauma. Secondary trauma can be understood as the stress resulting from helping a traumatized or suffering person. Secondary Trauma is mainly associated with counselors and therapists; therefore, the effect it has on teenagers is something that gets over looked by many Americans today. Nearly 70 percent of children and adolescents living in the United States are exposed directly and in directly to traumatic stressors (Copeland et al. 2007).
Depression is the most common mental health…

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