Secondary School Essay

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Although it seems in today 's American society education has become more important than it once was, not as many Americans think it’s as important as you might think. In a poll taken about two years ago only forty-four percent of Americans thought that getting a college education was important. If all through high school teachers refer to your secondary education as a stepping stone for college, How can’t you find it important? And if college isn’t important to over half the nation then how do they think about secondary school?
In America secondary school can be broken into two parts, middle school or junior high and high school. Middle school usually being two or three grades and high school being four. The students that fall under this category are normally anywhere between twelve and eighteen years old. Which is around the time we first start to try and figure out “who we are.” As someone who 's had secondary schooling in America I can
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The academic program is the college preparatory track and in 1984, around seventy percent of all Japanese high school students were enrolled. By the second or third year in the program students have the choice of specializing either in literature or science. This is an excellent idea that could help improve American education levels. While some schools do offer vocational school it isn’t required nor is it a norm for most school districts. However, it became one it would allow students to grow at a more productive rate towards the end of their secondary schooling and upper education. For most americans the transition from highschool to college is difficult because they are unsure of what they want their future education to withhold. But if we were to require a program such as Japan we would be exposing our students to more than just core subjects. Giving them insight allowing them to decide what the would possibly want to

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