Second Wave Feminism Of The 1960 ' S Essay

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VA Bartin
Mr. Delcambre/Ms. Fletcher
Prof. Com. 5A/ English One 4B
09 January 2015
Second Wave Feminism of the 1960’s: Betty Friedan
“The feminine mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive.” Betty Friedan once stated. Friedan began a movement that changed the world: Second Wave Feminism. Influenced by The Second Sex, a wildly popular novel written by French author and feminist Simone de Beauvoir, Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique. This world-renowned novel written by Friedan initiated Second Wave Feminism in America by highlighting the following societal, political, and economic qualities of the nation: lack of education amid women, high birthrates from young mothers, societal expectation of a woman aspiring housewife created by the media, lack of ambition in women, societal gender roles, and many other discriminatory acts against women of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Lack of education in women, described as an epidemic by Friedan, prevailed due to the societal expectation of women acquiring matrimonial relations at an earlier age than expected. More often than not, women dropped out of higher education to take part in housewifery (a terrible societal expectation requiring no ambition). If a woman subsisted educated, more often than not her education focused on marriage, family, or other societal duties deemed to a woman of the nineteen-fifties and nineteen-sixties. Educators deemed a woman too educated undesired and perhaps un-wed-able. As…

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