Secom Case Study Essay

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Secom: Managing Information Security in a Risky World

Main Issue
Recent years, the issue of personal information leaks over the internet is becoming fiercer. Incursions by outsiders, criminal acts of insiders, along with careless actions hurt both the information holders and the companies, since the latter might loss business accordingly. That’s why security issue, for both software and hard ware, is important for any online business. is facing the problem. Issues they would need to consider include whether they should outsource the information protecting department or grow it as its core competitiveness; which product they should choose (Secom gave it three options); which level of security it would desire as a balance
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The team should have enough resources, and its main objective is to relate the business requirement to the products providers, and make sure that the switching cost in sense of customization is low, so that the company can switch to other providers and insure similar level of quality. For the long run, the team might be able to take larger stake, move to the lower end of learning curve and take the responsibility when consumers are confident about the company’s ability.
Once decided about outsourcing, the Secom is becoming one of the options. I would suggest the company to work with Secom mainly because its experience and reputation. This would by one side, assure the consumers and build for the business, and would on the other side, provides a good learning experience for the company. For high quality and price issue, I think we can balance it through wisely choose the alternatives provided by Secom.
For the three alternatives, I would choose for the second one, add an identification and access-control system in addition to the advanced housing service at first, and as the team I mentioned before gained more knowledge, we can switch to the first alternative, the one without additional services. I think the physical flaw control is essential but the company not necessary to check its security condition using external effort on a daily basis. That’s why I would choose the second over the first for its initial stage. The internal team can then take the

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