Sec 402 Wk 5 Midterm Exam Essay

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SEC 402 WK 5 Midterm Exam TRUE/FALSE
1. A SYN flood is characterized by the brute force transmission of requests for access to the target network, with the aim of overwhelming its capacity to receive them.
2. Computerized information is so tightly bound within the fabric of our society that its trustworthiness and availability has to be assured in order for our basic social functions to operate properly.
3. There is general agreement about what legitimately constitutes the right set of actions to deter hostile activity in cyberspace.
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The problem with protecting information is that it is nothing more than a(n) ____ for something of value in the real world.
a. parasite c. substitute
b. proxy d. analog
6. The first step in any cybersecurity process is to ____.
a. get it properly organized c. make the controls as strong as possible
b. get as much information as possible d. move as fast as possible
7. It is essential that the people responsible for assuring information follow a disciplined and well-defined ____.
a. evacuation c. hierarchy
b. pattern d. process
8. In order for a defense to be effective, all of the requisite ____ have to be in place and properly coordinated.
a. assets c. countermeasures
b. intrusions d. backup controls
9. The ____ of a piece of information might be derived from the importance of the idea, or the criticality of the decision, or it can represent simple things like your bank account number.
a. value c. effectiveness
b. cost d. assessment
10. A(n) ____ that only reflects the focus and interests of a single field will almost certainly have exploitable holes in it.
a. offense c. control
b. defense d. mitigation
11. IT departments install technical countermeasures, but ____ have the responsibility to deploy accompanying physical security controls.
a. often c. rarely
b. routinely d. frequently
12. In most organizations, physical and electronic security involve ____ entirely separate and independent areas.
a. two c. four
b. three d. five
13. A

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