Sec 402 Wk 11 Final Exam Essay

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SEC 402 WK 11 Final Exam
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1. The goal of enterprise continuity management is to develop and then oversee a process to ensure that the critical elements of the organization’s information and information processing function survive in the event of a disaster or other adverse event.
2. The disaster planning process is different from general continuity in that it is much less focused on responses to well-defined and highly specific occurrences.
3. The adverse events that an information operation might encounter typically involve the storage and transmission of data.
4. It is inappropriate in
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Disaster management d. Enterprise management
6. The ____ encompasses those principles, policies, and procedures that ensure essential business functions in the event of a disaster.
a. enterprise recovery function c. strategic planning function
b. enterprise planning function d. enterprise continuity function
7. The key to success in continuity is ____.
a. standardization c. planning
b. preparation d. operation
8. The actions outlined in the ____ represent the steps that the organization plans to take to address every contingency of significance.
a. recovery plan c. preparedness plan
b. disaster plan d. restoration plan
9. The information needed to support the planning for a response in the information processing function is obtained by means of a(n) ____ process.
a. conventional risk analysis c. conventional recovery
b. emergency risk analysis d. conventional continuity
10. ____ seek to ensure that the enterprise will continue to function in the face of a wide range of potential occurrences.
a. Emergency plans c. Hazard plans
b. Preparedness plans d. Recovery plans
11. A well-defined set of ____ ensures a proper response should events continue to worsen or not meet the planning assumptions.
a. elevation procedures c. recovery procedures
b. intervention procedures d. escalation procedures
12. The ____ is assigned based on the criticality of the component in the overall business process.
a. RPO c. SOW
b. RTO d. SLA
13. The ____ documents

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