Sebastian Camacho Character Analysis

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When people see a soldier, people usually picture brave, rugged and strong person. Sometimes the media show an aspect of a Soldier that is negative. When young soldiers see a high ranking soldier, they are immediately intimidated. Sebastian Camacho is in front of many soldiers teaching a class on land navigation. His presence catches everyone’s eyes. Soldiers listen very closely to what he has to say. It was obvious that people trust what he says by his words. Soldiers observe at this high ranking soldier’s uniform, admiring all the badges. His uniform is filled with school badges that many soldiers refuse to go or lacked the physical and mental capacity. The young soldiers look up to this person. Sebastian Camacho has been to Ranger school, …show more content…
Sebastian had only two younger sisters, but many cousins. His parents were religious and very family oriented. Sundays the entire family would go to the grandmother’s house and spend fun filled family time with each other. Saipan 's population is about 55,000 people. The island is very much like a small town in the United States. Family is everywhere on the island. People who weren’t related by blood were considered family. Growing up was not an experience he did alone. Everyone knew everybody and everyone knew at least one thing about each other. The island is like a large happy family. When there is a death in the family, everyone would come pay their respects or offer help for the grieving family. Things are expensive in the Island of Saipan; so offering help to families was greater value than giving money. The community would united when big storms effected the area. One of the neighbor’s entire house burned down during the holiday season and his family help every way possible to ensure that the small children had a splendid holiday season. His family is courteous and valiant. The beaches were truly authentic. The sand is white with the blue waters. Everyone from this beautiful island has the perfect tan. Sea cucumbers blended in with white soft sand and would sit on the shore water. The weather is always clear blue skies with the sun beaming straight down on the island, making the island hot and

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