Seaworld Should Be Free And Not Be Held? Essay

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Places like SeaWorld have been opened for years intriguing the population with its spectacular shows. Millions of people visit this marine mammal park. People have the chance to swim with dolphins or go on one of the multiple rollercoasters. SeaWorld mesmerizes the public with multiple marine shows, but the show that makes SeaWorld stand out from the rest is the Shamu Show. Orcas are the main attraction for this show and fascinate the audience, but these graceful creatures were not made for human purposes. Orcas should be free and not be held in captivity. Orcas or orcinus orca have been around for thousands of years. Orcas are one of the many social creatures on the earth, but they have special bonds within their pods that no other marine animal has. After a male orca in born, he will remain with his mother’s pod until death (Cowperthwaite). This creates large pods that can contain up to forty whales (Chen and Marshall). The pods of orcas are seen as communities or families. Orcas have complex brains that are comparable to a human brain, but these ginormous animals have something that no other organism has. Orcas have a part of the brain that intensifies emotions and feelings. This allows the whales to have a better sense of self and social bonding that is far to complex for the human brain. This better social bonding that is created from their brain has created close-knit pods (Cowperthwaite). These pods have their own language and hunt in groups (Cowperthwaite). The…

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