Seaweed Essay

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Register to read the introduction… A Norwegian company called Holmfjord AS could have stumbled on to our next source of energy. The fish population grew smaller in the ocean outside of Porsanger. As a test Holmfjord researched and studied the ways they could restore the seaweed that the sea urchins ate. The growth rate of the seaweed exploded it was a success. What is the use of seaweed? Ethanol is abundant in seaweed, also the leftovers after the extraction of the ethanol is a great fertilizer. “ Japan, Canada and Ireland are trying to produce 5 billion liters pf bioethanol from seaweed. Japan also has pilots for producing biogas from seaweed, but the Porsanger project's main advantage is a vast area suitable for seaweed production.” (Gran) …show more content…
Wind power is the harvesting of the winds energy with wind turbines to make electricity. For some this way of gaining energy is not optional. Wind turbines create no pollution and need no fuel; however there are some who complain about the impact on the birds, and bats. According to research “ Wind power kills around twenty times fewer birds than fossil fuels, and a comparable number to nuclear power.” (Sovacool) Each wind turbine kills 4.27 birds per year. Bats however have a worse fate. A study that was done in 2004 showed that 2,200 bats were killed in just six weeks by the turbines in the eastern U.S. To solve this problem that began placing microwave transmitters on the wind turbines. This keeps the bats away from the wind turbines. There was a 73% drop in fatalities in bats. There are positives of wind power besides the minor problems. “The U.S. has created more wind farms to its lands than any other country in the last couple of years. 10-kW wind turbine can generate about 10,000 kWh a year at a location with wind speeds averaging 12 miles per hour, or about enough to power a typical household. A 5-MW turbine can produce more than 15 million kWh in a year, which can be used to power more than 1, 400 households.” (Ashby) Not to mention that installing your own wind turbines would cut your energy bills in half, and electric companies will pay you for the extra electricity you generate. Wind power is going to be an important part of our energy creation in the future.

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