Essay Seattle : Tacoma International Airport

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Seattle – Tacoma International Airport and Airspace Case Study
Seattle – Tacoma International Airport: Strong Future Projections on a Stable Basis
Seattle – Tacoma International Airport, better known as Sea-Tac (KSEA), is the main
Air Gate and Hub Airport of Seattle Port Authority. Consisted by a great real-estate footprint, it is set to be one of the most massive aerospace facilities and service providing structures of the
Pacific North West Region of the United States.
Sea-Tac Airport, named after the nearby city Sea-Tac, Washington, just twelve (12) NM south of Seattle City, is actually serving as the main Metropolitan Airport1 of the Region. Alaska
Air Group Inc. has their main Office near the Airport, which serves as the Main Hub for Alaska
Airlines and Horizon Air, the main Fleet Companies of the Group. Delta Airlines operate, also, at Sea-Tac since 2011, using it as their main gateway to Asia hub.
Overall, Seattle Metropolitan area is the home base of many modern, great American
Companies (e.g. Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Microsoft, Alaska Air Group Inc., Starbucks).
Working, trading, business and travel needs are growing constantly for a City that combines access to an Ocean, frontiers to Alaska, being part of mainland U.S.A., while serving as a single source point reference to many different air-sea-land routings.
We study and analyze the Case of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, referring to current State and Federal Airport Categorizations Studies, scientific…

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