Essay on seaside convalescent care center

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Seaside Convalescent Care Center
Case Study

Atchison (2003) wrote about this process in his book Followership. He describes followership as complementary to leadership and recommends that it be recognized as a necessary component for an effective leader. A self-absorbed administrator will not make a good leader. A true leader will recognize the importance of getting respect, not simply compliance, from the people who follow. It is one thing to have people do what you say, but to have someone want to do it is another thing. The leader who understands this is on the way to greatness and will create a much more meaningful work environment. (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012)
After said that, Mindy Alternot landed her
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Employees who are motivated feel invested in the organization, are happier, work harder, and more productive and typically say longer with an organization. {(Levoy.2007.p.70) (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012)}
Another major issue Seaside Convalescent Care Center staff having was lacking on communication. Already into her third month working at the facility, Mindy lack of communication already has put disinterested between the staff, only to perpetuate the problem over time. One of the distinguishing characteristics of healthcare organization is that the professional staff needs to work closely and collaboratively to meet patient needs. (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012) From the looks of Mindy team is falling apart because she doesn’t know how to work as a team, or keep a team together. In the healthcare industry a lack of motivation/ communication can lead to injury and even death, something that the care center cannot have at this point
Discipline action is needed for nurses or nurse’s aides who do not work to the best of their ability. Employee should know that, until they find another position, they attitude, motivation and communication should not change. The only people will be harmed is the patient. Nurses and nurse’s aide should remember that patient safety and comfort comes first. I don’t believe Ann should set up strict guidelines, because we need the nurses to be motivation. Until they are

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