Searching For Tiffany Was The First Thing Essay example

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Searching for Tiffany was the first thing Abigale did the moment she got to school the next day. She stopped by her locker first and then continued to roam the halls, keeping her eyes peeled for her best friend. She couldn’t find her anywhere. In fact, nobody had seen Tiffany at all that day by the time lunch rolled around. Abigale had tried texting her many times but got no response. She even tried calling during her lunch break but was forwarded to voicemail only two rings later.

By the time her English class rolled around near the end of the day, Abigale concluded that Tiffany was ignoring her, and had not come to school that day. Was she so cross with Abigale that she didn’t even come to the school to say goodbye? Tears prickled at the corners of her eyes as she listened to her teacher drone on about poetry concepts. This was her last day in San Francisco, and she wasn’t going to be able to properly say goodbye to Tiffany before she left.

In fact, yesterday was probably the last time that Abigale would ever see her best friend, the one who had been with her nearly her whole life. She couldn’t even stop by her friend’s home on the way back because Abigale’s mother was picking her up directly from the school with the moving truck right behind them. She’d never get the chance to say goodbye.

“Miss Fern, is there something wrong?” A hand landed on Abigale’s desk, startling her for a moment. She let her tearstained eyes rise to her teacher’s face. Mrs. Friested’s…

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