Essay on `` Searching For Summer ``

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Many theories have been proposed on what exactly would take place post nuclear war via multiple works of fiction. Stories like "There Will Come Soft Rains" and even games such as the Fallout series present their own ideas on what the world will be like after it has been engulfed in nuclear fire. These representations are all incredibly interesting and provocative. However, in the story, "Searching for Summer," readers are presented with a world where most have given up hope. Interestingly enough, the story does not go for the "rugged waist-land" stereotype, but instead introduces its readers subtly to the moral and ethical issues that have amassed over the years due nuclear fallout. This choice of setting and style sets a mood that most stories fail to create. The story does this so well that it is sometimes hard to believe that this portrayal of the future is only a theory and not an actual prophecy. These details in "Searching for Summer," cause the story to reflect upon the wickedness of the world, describe the effects of nuclear war, and show the beauty of blissful ignorance. Within the first ninety lines, the disgusting, unkempt antagonist, Mr. Noakes is introduced. Lily and Tom, a wedded couple, need a place to stay the night at because their scooter has broken down; coincidentally, Mr. Noakes’ inn, the “Rising Sun,” is their only option. Noakes’ physical features are not what makes him unnerving and wicked however; it is what he says and how he acts. For example,…

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