Essay Search For Greener Career Pastures

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You feel a growing sense of unease about your current position. You 've began to wonder if you should search for greener career pastures elsewhere. Certain signs can point to a need to revamp the old resume and start scheduling interviews.

1. You hate going to work. You hate it so much, mornings find you in deep throes of depression, wanting to call off sick. It 's so bad, you hate Sunday just because its the day before you have to back to work. It 's time to regroup and start over elsewhere.

2. You hate your boss and everyone else at work. You can 't love these people, and they can 't love you. If you can 't find a way to compromise, it 's best to leave. You may feel more appreciated and fit in better somewhere else.

3. Your boss is a piece of work. He or she verbally abuses you, takes credit for your work, and blames everything that goes wrong on you. Upper management thinks he is wonderful and believes everything he says. Unless you 're content to let this person keep on plumping up his career at your expense, it 's best to move on to better opportunities.

4. Your boss is an idiot, or at last not as smart as you. Confidence in company leadership is important to feel secure about your own position. Leaders incapable of making sound decisions can be the harbingers of disaster. This means shaky ground for both the company as well as your career prospects. Cut your losses, new horizons beckon.

5. The company seems to be in a financial downspin. Even the…

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