Essay about Search For A College Is Incredibly Stressful For Me

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1. Searching for a college was incredibly stressful for me. I wanted a school where I could happily live, learn, and thrive. None of the campuses I toured felt like they could be a home, until I visited Emmanuel. The campus was beautiful and the food was actually good. But, what really sold me was talking with the student ambassadors. Their knowledge and honesty helped relieve the anxiety I felt about my college search and they allowed me see the possibility of a wonderful future here at Emmanuel. I am interested in being a student ambassador because I want to aid those students who are struggling in the same situation that I was a year ago, just like the students I met helped me. I feel as though I am well suited for a position as a student ambassador due to my years of experience as a camp counselor. While summers are full of fun with the campers, the job takes a different tone in the offseason. Counselors are sales men for the camp. Whether I am giving tours around the camp or visiting scout troops to promote the camp, it is my job to show what the camp has to offer and prove that it is a safe and wonderful place for parents to send their children. The communication, public speaking and other skills I have learned as a camp counselor can be easily transferred to the responsibilities of a student ambassador.

2. The most frustrating part of my college search was finding the right fit. For me, that meant going to a school where I felt comfortable and…

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